Sign Control Switches

Control Switch Wiring Diagram

Stainless steel switch plates with illuminated indicator lights and toggle switch. Primarily used by a bank teller, booth operator, or any other remote location. Available for all LED Illuminated signs and signals.

Each toggle has two options. They can either be a simple On and Off switch. These throws have only a green light above them. This 2-position switch would be used on a single message sign, such as "Truck Lane". The second option is for the toggle to have three positions: message 1 On, message 2 On or both messages Off (center position). These controls have a green light above them and a red light below. A double message sign, such as "Open|Closed", would use this 3-position switch.

A Gang refers to a single toggle switch and its indicator lights. We offer switch plates that have up to 9 gangs, controlling up to 18 messages.

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