Interior LED Backlit Signs for Hospitals

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Interior LED backlit signs are critical in ensuring the safety of patients, visitors and hospital staff. Our warning signs are crucial for all healthcare facilities. Whether it is a casual appointment or critical emergency you want to send the right message and get staff and visitors to the correct area quickly. We have a variety of signs that are used for imaging equipment rooms and pharmacy windows alike.

We have a variety of popular Interior LED Backlit Signs such as: MRI In-Use, X-Ray In-Use, and CT Scan. If our standard interior led backlit signs do not meet your needs, our customizable healthcare signs have fast turnaround and superior service.

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In Use and Safety SignsIn Use and Safety
Ideal for informing people that imaging machines and rooms are in use. Cautions people against radiation and other dangers. Bilingual messages and customization can be done. These signs are extremely low maintenance and very efficient.
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Interior Wayfinding SignsInterior Wayfinding
Perfect for guiding friends and family directly to their loved ones. These signs can help take a little bit of the stress of navigating a hospital away. These signs can also be used to mark restrooms, area of rescue or safety concerns.
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