Sign Type Specifications

Each of our product series has a set of properties that is true for all (excluding customizations) of the products within that series. The series spec sheets can be viewed here. Specific specifications for each product can be accessed from the product pages. Specifications for customized signs will be supplied during the quoting process.

SBLF Series - Full Face Illuminated Signs

Indoor use when message should be viewable at all times.

SBL Series - Indoor Blank-out Signs

Indoor, when message should be viewable only when illuminated.

PHX Series - LED Backlit Signs

Blank-out LED backlit signs for use in outdoor settings. Green alternative to backlit neon signage.

PHXF Series - Outdoor LED Backlit Signs

Outdoor LED backlit sign. Message always visible.

TCL Series - LED Direct-View Signs

Highly versatile direct-view message signs. The TCL series offers maximum flexibility when customizing your sign.

TCIL Series - Traffic Control LED Indicators

Horizontal or Vertical Signals that use LED Light Engines as the illumination source.

I-Bar Series - Non-Illuminated Bar

Outdoor aluminum clearance bar with factory applied reflective vinyl.