I-Bar Series – Non-Illuminated Bar

I-Bar Series – Non-Illuminated Bar Image

Our aluminum clearance bars give vehicles a visual warning of low clearances, provide directional guidance and display enter/exit areas at any facility. Over-height vehicles receive physical impact from the bar, not intended to cause damage, alerting the driver their vehicle is over-height and saving your building from any damage. The reflective vinyl message is available on one side or double sided. For double sided clearance bars, the message can be applied the same on both sides or you can choose a different message for each side. All clearance bars ship quickly.

Customization options include:

I-Bar Series Specs

Modular aluminum clearance bar with joiner piece(s) and end caps. For clearance bars exceeding 90", 2 segments will be provided along with a joiner piece to connect them. Clearance bars with more than 1 segment will always be seamed in the middle and each segment will require 2 eye bolts.
Factory applied high performance reflective vinyl available in black, white and red. The standard message format is: Clearance 0' 0" and is displayed in Swiss 721 Bold BT font. Custom messages, symbols and vinyl colors are available.
4"W x 7"H x any length
Our standard color is Powder Coat Traffic Yellow, custom paint colors are available.
2 EasyGlide eye bolts for top, free-hang mounting are supplied per section of bar. Chains not included. Freestanding Mast Arm Post Mount with Base Plate can be ordered separately.
Mast Arm Post
5 year warranty
No filler needed
Modular extrusion saves on shipping costs on bars over 90”
EasyGlide channel and eye bolts for simple mounting
Factory applied vinyl for quick installation right out of the box