Variable Angle Mount

Variable Angle Mount LED Signs | Directional Systems

Variable angle mounts (VAM) are used to connect signs to building surfaces such as roofs or fascias. These mounts have an adjustable angle of 15-90 degrees, allowing the sign to be visible from various viewing angles. Once the desired angle is achieved, the mount can be locked in place. The VAM is made of 3/16" aluminum and has stainless steel hardware. It comes in three different sizes to accommodate various sign sizes. The finish is duranodic bronze, but custom paint finishes are available to match existing colors or the sign.

Variable Angle Mount Specifications

Construction: 3/16" aluminum with stainless steel hardware
Dimensions: Mount size depends on sign size
Installation: Bolts to wall surface (fasteners not included)
Finish: Duranodic Bronze; custom and standard paint finishes available

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