Directional Systems warrants all products and their components against defects in material and workmanship that occur while under normal operating conditions.

The following product warranty* periods apply:

5 Year Warranty
TCL Series Outdoor LED Direct-view Signs
PHX Series Outdoor Blank-out LED Backlit Signs
PHXF Series Outdoor LED Backlit Signs
TCIL Series LED Traffic Controllers *
I-Bar Series Clearance Bar (non-illuminated)

2 Year Warranty
SBL Series Indoor Blank-out Backlit Signs
SBLF Series Indoor Full Face LED Backlit Signs
1 Year Warranty Accessories

* Replacement parts and incandescent bulbs excluded from warranty.

Our warranty starts from the original date of shipment and runs through the life of the stated warranty period. Should the product or any component become defective during the applicable warranty period, the component or entire unit, at the discretion of Directional Systems, will be replaced at no charge to the customer; this excludes labor and travel expenses to remove and/or reinstall the component or unit.

Field alterations to the product which damage the cabinet, internal components or the weather-proof integrity of the unit will void the warranty.

See Terms of Sale for return policy.

If you have any questions about the coverage of our warranty or return policy, please call toll free at 877-827-8296.