LED Indicator Light Customization


Stop and go lights can be set to flash one light only, alternate the flashing between two lights or flash two lights simultaneously. Provide us with your flash requirements at the time of order and we will set the appropriate sequence at the factory before the product ships. The flash rate is adjustable from 6-300 flashes per minute; our factory set flash rate is 55 flashes per minute. This can be adjusted in the field. Flashing can only be installed at the factory, therefore we cannot add flashing to an existing sign.


All of our stop go lights can be painted to match existing signs, enhance brand awareness or to simply add color. You can choose from our custom paint colors, send us a specific PMS color or have us color match your paint color. Once we’ve got your color, we’ll send you a paint sample for you to approve.

Wording & Symbols

The words STOP, GO, X or ↓ can be added to your light lens in place of the solid colored circles. This can be done in any combination you choose. No matter what the situation, trust us to make a sign that works for you.


Our LED signs come in two voltage range options, 120-277VAC or 12-24VDC. Our signs are 120-277VAC unless they indicate “12-24VDC” in the:

In addition, we place a tag over the wires of low voltage products that must be removed before installation as a reminder the sign requires a 12-24VDC input voltage. See below for where to find low voltage indicators.