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What is a Commercial Lane?

Mar 31, 2020

Commercial Drive-Thru Lane image

When looking through our website searches we noticed a common theme; people were looking for the definition of a commercial lane at a bank. It wasn't just a handful; it was a lot of searches. So we decided to write-up definitions for some of the most common types of drive-thru lanes. First, we'll address the one everyone wants to know about...the commercial lane.

What is a commercial lane? A commercial lane (sometimes referred to as a Business Lane) is like any other drive-up lane except it is specifically reserved for business transactions. Typically, business transactions take longer than an individual transaction. Consumers relate drive-thrus with being fast - like McDonalds, so financial institutions try to maintain a level of speed at theirs. As an individual, you may also use the commercial lane. Just know the person in front of you could be doing multiple, multi-step transactions and it might be awhile. Check out some popular Commercial Lane LED signs here.

The night deposit or night drop lane is also used by businesses to drop off deposits after branch hours. This lane is typically closest to the building. A safe is embedded in the exterior wall and is accessible by key. The key unlocks a drawer that accepts a deposit bag. Once closed, this drawer functions similar to a mail receptacle; the bag drops to the bottom of the safe and the drawer locks itself. The next business day, employees access the interior side of the safe and process the transactions from the previous evening. We guess that's why they call it a Night Drop instead of a Bag Drop.

Sometimes you will see a lane marked Trucks, Vans or SUVs. These lanes are wider than traditional lanes in order to accommodate larger vehicles. Most of the time, this lane is furthest away from the physical structure. The location of the lane allows for one side to be open and ultimately wide enough for a larger sized personal vehicle. As with most lanes, anybody can use this special lane. However, if you're in a compact car we'd advise you to steer clear if you have a Ford F-250 in your rearview mirror.

Just when you've figured things out - you head to bank and see dual purpose lanes. In these lanes there may be a pneumatic tube system that carries your transaction to the teller inside the branch as well as a self-service ATM (Automated Teller Machine). Once in the lane, the customer picks which service they need. There's also the drive-up teller drawer in the night deposit lane. Daytime transactions can be processed by the teller and in the evening night deposits can be dropped off at the safe.

Hopefully, we've successfully answered all the questions about the different varieties of lanes. Understanding what each lane is meant for at the drive-thru will make your visit more efficient and get you on your way faster.

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