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Protect pedestrians at your facility

The Vehicle Detection System (VDS) uses five essential components to actively alert pedestrians to unseen approaching vehicles, such as those coming from blind corners or exiting underground parking garages. The Vehicle Detection System includes a sensor and control module and is completed with signage, visual alerts, audio accessories, and a mounting post. The system is activated from the sensor by vehicle detection, which filters out pedestrian traffic to only identify vehicle traffic and alerts pedestrians of the oncoming vehicle. The Vehicle Detection System can be customized to fit your specific application needs and operates on one of two available voltage ranges, 100-240VAC or 24VDC.


VDS sensor image

The sensor is the system’s first step in vehicle detection. The sensor is an Optex OVS-01GT Ultrasonic/Microwave Sensor. The sensor is housed in an IP65-rated enclosure, which is rated to withstand outdoor elements, including extreme weather. The enclosure is also dust-proof and rated for protection against liquid ingress. The sensor’s job is vehicle detection, accomplished when a vehicle breaks the sensor beam (while ignoring pedestrians) and triggers the rest of the system’s components.

VDS control module image

Control Module

The other essential system component for vehicle detection is the control module. The control module is housed in a NEMA 4X-rated enclosure and activates the sign and audio accessories. The activation timer, which is adjustable between 1 and 99 seconds, allows the user to determine the duration of the sign and accessories, giving the user more control of the system and the freedom to tailor it to their specific needs and applications.


VDS sign image

The addition of LED signage is the most significant visual indicator of an oncoming car. Once activated, the sign illuminates with bright LEDs to immediately alert pedestrian traffic to approaching vehicles. The system can control both direct-view and backlit signs. The signs are activated only when vehicle detection occurs via the sensor. The warning message is illuminated when the sign is activated and draws pedestrians' attention. Visual and audio accessories can be added to each sign to emphasize the message.

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Visual Alerts

Additional visual alerts enhance the system's ability to alert pedestrians. Visual alerts include adding a beacon strobe and or flashing, which are added to the LED sign. A NEMA-4X enclosure houses the beacon strobe and is attached to the top center of the sign cabinet unless otherwise requested. The beacon is UL/cUL listed, factory installed, and available in various voltages. In addition to a beacon strobe, flashing is available for sign messages. Additional emphasis is added to the message by using flashing to grab the attention of pedestrian traffic when the sign is activated. The flashing option is factory installed, compatible with 12-24VDC and 120-277VAC signs, and has an adjustable flash rate of 6-300 flashes per minute (fpm) but is factory set at 55fpm.

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Audio Accessories

VDS alarm image

A piezo alarm is a loud buzz, chirp, or spoken-word warning message that adds audio emphasis to the LED sign and message. The alarm is factory-installed 3" from the bottom right side of the sign cabinet and centered on the frame unless otherwise requested. The alarm volume is adjustable and capable of producing 95dB at 10 feet.

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